lazer epilasyon

Laser epilation is the modern method of epilation of our age.  This method is a fast and healthy way to get rid of unwanted hair. Not only women but also men prefer epilation to get rid of the hairs they don’t want with the laser epilation method. In terms of pain, it does not work as aggressively as alexandrite.

Methods applied in laser epilation application:

The laser types recommended to you vary depending on the skin color and hair type.  The laser types that are among the options are as follows:

Alexandrite (Blown Laser): It is a device with a wavelength of 755 nm.  It is most effective for very dark skin.  The laser beam follows the melanin pigment, which gives the hair color, reaches the deepened hair root and destroys it.  The success rate is around 70 – 80%.  Since the device is shot from 3 cm on the skin, it does not cause hygiene problems.

Diode (Ice – Ironing Laser): It is a device with a wavelength of 810 nm.  It is an application made by touching the skin and using gel.  Also known as ice laser, it caters to lighter skin types and fine hair types.

IPL Laser: IPL hair removal  is completely superficial, does not reach the hair follicles and has no permanence.  It is used for temporary cleaning.

Nd Laser: It is a device with a wavelength of 1064 nm.  It is the laser type that is kept the least by color pigments.  Therefore, the high energy required to ensure its effectiveness carries the feeling of pain to an unbearable dimension, and the sessions are usually abandoned.  It is mostly preferred for capillary and varicose treatments.

Are the results obtained in the laser epilation application permanent?

Yes. Hairs whose roots are destroyed do not come out again. This condition, which is also approved by the FDA, has been proven by long-term clinical studies.

Is test shot done before laser epilation?

Before laser epilation, it is absolutely necessary to interview the expert.  In this meeting, the hair and hair structure is determined in the region where the application will be performed, the compatibility with the laser and possible results are discussed.  During the interview, the person to whom the application will be performed should also inform the specialist of his medical history, expectations and questions.

At the end of the interview, the appropriate laser type and appropriate dose for laser hair removal are determined. Before the laser epilation, the expert tests the effect of the laser epilation on the skin and hair by applying a test to the people if necessary.

How often is laser epilation done, how long do the sessions last?

Laser applications should be done every 4-6 weeks.  This period is necessary for the pigment of the hair roots to be sufficient.  It should not be earlier than 4 weeks, but not later than 6 weeks. The session duration is 1-2 minutes in areas such as above the lip, and 30-90 minutes in large areas such as the whole leg and back.

Which hair colors respond well to treatment?

The pigment in hair roots is important for laser hair removal treatment.  Therefore, black or brown hairs are the group that responds best to treatment.  White and gray hairs do not respond to laser hair removal treatment.

What should be considered after laser epilation application?

You can continue your normal daily life.  On the first day, hot water is not touched and a warm shower can be taken.  It is recommended to use a product with high protection factor, including winter, to protect the laser epilation area from UV rays regardless of skin type.

What is the difference between laser epilation and needle epilation?

In needle epilation, hair loss is provided by applying electric current to the hair follicles.  In this method, the application is made to individual hair roots.  Needle epilation is generally used for fine hair and white hair that laser epilation does not see.

What should be considered during laser epilation sessions?

Do not use wax, tweezers, needle epilation and depilation devices during laser epilation treatment.

What are the complications to see after the laser epilation session?

Short term side effects that may occur after the procedure are redness of the skin and edema in the hair follicles.  This side effect disappears within 1-2 hours.  It can last for a few days on very sensitive skin.  Laser Hair Removal method does not cause skin cancer, it is not harmful.

Can laser epilation be applied in the summer?

Other than the diode ironing laser epilation method, laser epilation should not be applied if the skin is bronze in the summer period.  Diode ironing laser method, produced for warm and sunny climates, is not affected by the sun, does not stain.  Therefore, it can be applied safely in the summer months.

From what age can epilation be applied?

It can be made to any age group that has reached psychological and physical maturity.

How does the process after the first session proceed in laser epilation?

If the correct application is made, some of the hairs fall out immediately. Most of the remaining hair is removed from the skin within 1-2 weeks. After the third and fourth sessions, a significant reduction in hair and thinning of the existing hair are observed. After 6-8 sessions, the hair decreases so that it does not grow for years. The hairs that come out in a small amount after the treatment are thin and very light colored. This process does not disturb the person.

Why does laser epilation require long sessions?

All laser epilation devices are effective on the active period of the hair. Hair roots in the resting phase are not affected by laser epilation. Hairs in the body enter the active phase and resting phase at different periods. Laser epilation affects the active hair during application. After a while, the hairs in the resting phase become active. In the next application, these hairs are destroyed.

Is laser epilation possible in men?

Men can get laser epilation just like women. Men prefer laser hair removal especially for the back, chest, legs, shoulders, arms, beard and other parts of the nape.

Is it possible to dilute the hair with laser epilation in men?

Yes, an average of 15% -20% permanent dilution is achieved as a result of each laser epilation session applied to the body parts, this will provide a natural and aesthetic and homogeneous appearance. For example; You can choose to get rid of your facial hair, neck and back hair with 8-10 laser hair removal sessions, but reduce the density by applying only 2-4 laser hair removal sessions to your chest hair.