Bölgesel Zayıflama


Today, it has become much easier to get rid of fat deposits that cannot be removed with sports and diet. The techniques used in regional slimming have been moved to a very advanced level. These techniques are simple and easy to apply techniques that do not require surgery.

Our transactions under the name of regional slimming; Cold Lipolysis, Cavitation, Radiofrequency, Lymph Drainage and Passive gymnastics.

Cold Lipolysis

This FDA approved device is the method that provides permanent reduction of fat in many areas of the body regardless of gender. Single session is applied and application time is 45-50 minutes. This method, which is pain and painless, provides close to 4 cm thinning in the applied area.

This method aims to break down the fat cells by vacuuming and cooling the oil layer in a controlled manner without damaging the skin with the help of a protective membrane. Application area is cooled between -4 ° C and -10 ° C and fat cells die in this area. The dead fat cells are excreted in the urine from the body through the liver and lymph circulation. The procedure is applied once and the effect period is 5 months. During this time, fat cells continue to break down. It is recommended to consume plenty of water.


It is aimed to disintegrate the wall of the fat cell with ultrasonic sound waves with reduced intensity in the problem area of ​​the body. It is also very effective in cellulite treatment. It does not have any visible effect in the form of a single session, it is preferred to apply 10 sessions regularly, 2 times a week. During the procedure, ringing may be felt at a level that will not damage the ear.


Radiofrequency is a heat treatment process. It is aimed to restore the elastin collagen structure by giving heat to the subcutaneous tissue in the applied area. It has therapeutic properties in skin cracks and sagging. It does not have any visible effect in the form of a single session, it is preferred to apply 10 sessions regularly, 2 times a week. It can be applied in summer and winter.


It is aimed to move the muscle groups that are not actively working with radio waves. With the help of pads, low current is given to the problem area and the muscles work. Short-term contractions are felt and seen in the region. Not suitable for pregnant women and people with pacemakers. After the application, people can return to their daily lives.

Lymph Drainage

This process, which is accepted as the sine qua non of the regional slimming processes, immediately activates the lymph circulation and puts pressure on the lymph nodes. The lymphatic circulation should work well in order to prevent the fats that break down as a result of regional slimming processes to accumulate in the liver. This process helps to remove it from the body with urine and sweat thanks to the lymph circulation. The body feels relaxed after the procedure. It also has a role to increase the impact of regional slimming processes. It helps to remove the edema that accumulates in the body.