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Skin care is done to save the skin from dead skin and make it look more alive and healthier. It is recommended to do it regularly once a month. In this way, the skin gets a healthy appearance. Skin care that needs to be done to maintain the freshness and smoothness of the skin covers the applications made to renew the skin by cleaning the dead layer accumulated on the skin. After the skin analysis, which is specific to the skin care, the steps to be performed with the products suitable for the skin type are as follows;

Cleansing: It cleanses the skin from the dirt, dust makeup and dead cells left by the day. It gives freshness and clarity to the skin.

Peeling: Peeling is applied to remove dead skin (keratin tissue).

Steam / Ozone: Steam or ozone vapor is given to the skin in the time appropriate for this purpose, so it is aimed to open skin pores (pores) for deep cleaning.

Deep Cleaning: At this stage, oil / dirt / keratin deposits clogged in the pores are cleaned.

Disinfected: Cleansed skin is wiped with tonic. Then, with the help of heat in the high frequency device, the pores are narrowed, the sensitivity is removed and the purple ray is disinfected.

Serum: It is a concentrated cosmetic product in which the active ingredient is the most intense to restore the skin’s lost values ​​over time. For example, it removes acne and acne problems, soothes tenderness and redness, nourishes the skin, increases the level of moisture, provides elasticity and tension.

Mask: It is used to revitalize, moisturize, lighten, tighten and nourish the skin.

Moisturizer: It is to soften the skin and keep it flexible by adjusting the moisture in the corneum layer of the skin. Prevents the moisture of the skin from flying, forming a film so that it creates a curtain between the external factors and the skin.

Skin Care Period

While skin problems seen as acne and blackheads in youth years can be solved with simple skin care methods that can be applied at home, individual skin care routines performed at home after this period are not sufficient. Especially women need to have a professional skin care once a month or 2 weeks depending on their needs after the age of 25.


While feeding the skin with a different technique from other processes, it simultaneously purifies the skin from dead cells, blackheads and excess oil by using special caps, by vacuuming with the help of balanced pressure and rich content serum. It is a method that improves the skin without harming the skin, as opposed to the skin rejuvenating laser processes, and provides a brightened skin that shines immediately after the application.

This FDA approved device is also used effectively in skin resurfacing, spot treatment, fine wrinkles, sun spots, excessive lubrication, and acne treatments. It can be applied safely to even the most sensitive skin, and it can be applied once a month to maintain regular skin health and permanent shine, but if the treatment is required, it is applied 4 times a week. The application stages are as follows;

Absorption: The skin is cleaned by vacuuming.

Hydrapeeling: Peeling process is provided by using micro heads for microdermabrasion of the upper layers of the skin. It does not cause any irritation.

Serum Infusion: It is aimed to eliminate the problem by using special serum for the skin problem.

Moisturizing: Thanks to the special spiral head, moisturizing solutions, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides are applied to the skin.

Led Therapy: Blue for acne; Red led treatment is applied for fine wrinkles. The blue light clears the pores by destroying the bacteria that make up the acne. Red light stimulates elastin-collagen fibers, synthesizing new ones and tightening the skin. Fine wrinkles disappear immediately after care.

The Dermap

Dermapen process is a micro needling method applied with minimal damage to stimulate the natural collagen and elastin production of the skin. It is aimed to repair the problem cell by creating channels in the dermis layer and having a wide range of serums.

Within a week, skin flaking is observed, followed by a fresh, renewed, healthy and radiant skin. This FDA approved treatment is the fastest observed skin resurfacing method. It is actively used in wrinkle, scar and acne scars, sagging and crack removal. Apart from these, it is used for skin tightening, shrinking open pores, treatment of burns and surgical scars.

Eye Contour Applications

Botanical stem cell extracts suitable for the eye area in the application of roles around the eyes; It is fed to the under eyelid and upper eyelid with the roles with hair thin needles on it, and if there is a streaking problem, it is fed around the eye. Then, a dice-shaped cold gel peptide pach is applied around the eyes, which enhances the production of collagen around the eyes, which has the ability to renew the thin skin around the eyes. After pachler is kept on the skin for 15 minutes, it is removed and serum.