Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum

Below you will find brief information about the services provided in the field of Obstetrics at Mono Medical Center.

Pregnancy Follow-up & Birth: Pre-pregnancy guidance, tests and examination for a healthy pregnancy. Low risk assessment, cause analysis and treatment. All diagnostic examinations during pregnancy (blood and urine biochemical examinations, bacteriological and microbiological examinations, 4-dimensional color Doppler ultrasonography, Down syndrome and other chromosomal diseases with NT-nuchal translucency, nuchal translucency, double and triple screening tests.)

General Gynecology: Female check-ups, periodic / annual gynecological checks and examinations are carried out, gynecological problems, menstrual irregularities, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, premenstrual syndrome (IMS), dysmonorrhea (painful menstruation) – hirsutismus (hairiness), ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are diagnosed and treated. It is followed up with the pap smear test, which is the most important part of women’s health checks, and cryotherapy device is used in the treatment of problematic conditions.

Family Planning: All family planning practices, including counseling, spiral (RIA / IUD) and subcutaneous implant (implanon). Menopause: Hormonal analysis and ovarian reserve (ovarian capacity) measurements, menopause check-ups, counseling and hormone replacement therapies.

Cancer: Screening of breast and genital system (cervix, uterus, ovaries) cancers by pap smear, tumor markers, color doppler ultrasonography and all operations.

Infertility (Infertility): Infertility evaluation, cause analysis and diagnosis, ovulation induction (ovulation treatments), folliculometry (egg follow-up), insemination (IUI, vaccination) applications are carried out.